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The A27Alliance is a collaborative forum that variously includes Parish Councils, Resident’s Associations, individuals, campaign groups and others. The allies share a common vision to leverage the available resources to sustainably upgrade the existing A27.  Each maintains its own individual identity and independence but benefit from sharing ideas and expertise.

Collectively, the members and others have shared their expertise and knowledge. They have collaborated in producing this submission to HE as a direct counter argument to WSCC ’s unfounded preference for a new Mitigated Northern Route (MNR) for the A27 at Chichester.

A27Alliance believe that Fix-it-First – that is to upgrade the existing southern route including the western section of the Stockbridge Relief Road – fits with all existing policies and should be the guiding principle for RIS2 funding.


This solution will be sustainable, deliverable, affordable, environmentally preferable and provide better connectivity where it is needed to alleviate the impacts of congestion. It could be incrementally constructed as funding is available and thus avoid simultaneous disruption along this stretch of road.


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Chancellor Philip Hammond’s decision to scrap private finance initiatives (PFIs and PF2s) in his recent budget has completely removed any certainty of funding for the ‘Mitigated Northern Route’ of the A27 at Chichester.

Mark Hansford, Editor of the trade publication, New Civil Engineer, has said that Highways England was expecting £3bn to come from such private finance schemes to contribute to the cost of such projects as the Stonehenge tunnel. Hansford says, ‘Something, one assumes, will have to give … so that might be grim news for advocates of the A27 Chichester bypass …’

A spokesman for the Summersdale A27 Action Group says, ‘The public should be asking why members of WSCC played such a high stakes game of Russian roulette by rejecting £250m of government investment in March 2017 which would have made a major difference to Chichester for years to come. Instead they continue to gamble with RIS2 funding which won’t even be known until the end of 2019 and nothing will be done in the interim.’

The Action Group believes that the application for funding a new road by WSCC should be withdrawn immediately on the basis that it is totally unrealistic and that Chichester should focus on sustainably upgrading the existing route. The impacts of congestion including poor air quality need to be resolved here and now, not at some mythical future date.The starting point for this evidence is the requirement of CDC’s Local Plan Review 2018 to upgrade the existing junctions and a link road between Fishbourne roundabout and south of Stockbridge.

In a highly critical assessment of Whitehall spending the Government’s chief auditor, Sir Amyas Morse, has recently asked for more scrutiny in the early stages of all projects. In addition, there has been a recommendation from the City that investment should be away from the south-east and Jesse Norman, MP and Minister responsible for Roads, has stated the need to focus on affordability and deliverability.

So, all the evidence points to the fact that the finance is just not there to deliver a sustainable Mitigated Northern Route which WSCC councilors know is a high risk, high cost option. There needs to be an acceptance of financial reality, as well as acceptance of WSCC’s own survey which indicated that the majority of residents want an upgrade of the existing route.

Chichester needs certainty now, rather than uncertainty over many years to come. Fix the current A27 junctions first with appropriate mitigation measures. This is both a sustainable and environmentally better solution and is affordable and deliverable.